St Paddys Day Wedding with Paul and Mandy at Larchfield Estate

Blog , June 29, 2012


St Paddys Day Wedding with Paul and Mandy at Larchfield Estate

St Paddy’s day is usually one of those days that goes by without incident. This year was a little different.


Paul and Mandy got married at the Larchfield Estate and Martin and I got to take the photos. It was a long day full of lots of little details and stories. And it was great just to be a part of that. So many details actually it might need a separate blog.  So many different people and companies involved I lost track.


It all started for me in Paul’s brother’s house in Lisburn. It was a beautiful house, one that my wife would not ever need to see or we might have to move. High ceilings and a large hallway made with some great light made it easy for the decision on where to have a few more formal shots.


So this was Paul and his brother Peter. It was great to get both of them to stop moving for 2 secs. Needless to say there were just a couple of  photos where one or the other was talking or looking somewhere else.

Pauls two boys Mark and Euan were a big part of the celebrations. Euan was less interested in posing but Mark was a little happier.

Just a little.

We made it down to the Larchfield with a little time to spare. Enough at least for a couple more photos in front of the big red barn door. Smiling at the same time was a difficult thing.



At least Paul’s sense of humour survived.

I love shots like below. Its everything thats needs to be said about a moment. Anticipation. Personal. Every emotion a groom feels before his bride enters the building and walks to him.


And then the bride arrives. Watching her groom to gauge his reaction. A smile. A twinkle in the eyes. Mandy never took her eyes off Paul.

There was a  kiss.

The bus which carried them all here.


The weather just about allowed us to get out and about and later on it poured down.

There was enough to get a few photos outside and in the beautiful surroundings of the Larchfield.

Its such a popular venue with so many photos taken at it that its a challenge to get something new.

And the day was set up in the courtyard for loads of kids games and entertainment with stilt walkers and later on fire breathers (is that what they’re called?)

Eventually the bride and groom headed with us to the gardens and the lake.

It was a beautiful day with a couple who know what they like and can have a bit of fun together. We wish them all the best for the future.

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