The Artist and the Singer – part 1

Blog , August 10, 2012

After the St Paddys day wedding it wasnt long until we were back at the Larchfield Estate again. This time with Wes & Lynsey. Wes is a singer, and actually performed to his bride (and of course everyone else) at the evening reception. So there were a few photos of it and I’ve decided to split this into two parts the wedding, and Wes singing.

We started off in the hills someone in the back of Ballynahinch and Lisburn. Even with the Sat Nav it was hard to find. A little cottage where everyone was staying the night before. I have to say Lynsey was very chilled. Even with 20 minutes before leaving she was still not in her dress!


The whole theme of the day was a bit of a history fest, with Lynsey in her toga styled dress and the reception was more of a medieval feast. With all the artwork and table places designed by Lynsey herself who is quite an accomplished artist.

The bride herself beamed the biggest, happiest smile all day she couldnt stop and while Wes tried to play it cool, he found himself caught up with her infectious happiness he couldnt do much but smile himself.

So just 10mins or so from the cottages was the service at Ballynahinch Baptist Church. Wes looked a little nervous. It might have been the song they played (Peter Gabriel – The book of love) but it was a very special moment when Lynsey arrived at the back of the church and Wes turned and went to meet her half way. They walked then to the front of the church together. A thought it was a great way to come together.

The wedding party left and then headed for the Larchfield Estate. It was an absolutely beautiful day.




The light was perfect and the weather was kind and we managed to get round the lake for a little time with just the bride and groom. Who were relaxed, happy and very keen to have a little bit of fun.

We managed to skip a few showers. And then came the evening entertainment.  Some of which Wes provided himself. It deserves a whole set of photos to itself.

You should be able to view the pictures in the gallery on the website shortly. Look out for part 2!

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