Jenna & Matt – summer in springtime

Blog , August 29, 2012

There is a lot I could say about Jenna and Matt, but I think its best put by saying they are a truly unique couple!  Even the unofficial competition on certain social media to embarrass each other with stories of what seems like one upmanship are priceless and say everything about them. From Matt writing over the disc with all the photos on (oops sorry about that Matt) to Jenna and her comment to Matt when she arrived at the front of the church ( you can ask her about that) and the groom’s father taking the service, everything seems to have that little bit of life and joy and humour about it. Its refreshing. As for the wedding day, it was a beautiful day. In this country its hard to know what weather you will get. This day was perfect almost summer like in the springtime. These are a few of the moments that we caught.

Loved these shoes, probably more than any other shoes. The colour contrasted with so much on the background shots it was great.

This was at the start. And before the converse.

A little close up of the dress.

Jenna was on top of the whole getting ready process. So much so she was ready to go very early! No arriving late for this bride.

Not sure if she was checking for the groom or if everything was done the way it was supposed to be inside the church. But she had to have a little peek.

The blue of the bridesmaids dresses was perfect against that little bit of white on the floor. I have never seen the church look so good. Although the bright sunshine through the windows helped a little too.

Happy to see her groom (even after she told him to ‘tighten up’ after her entrance)

The white drapes in the church made a perfect backdrop for a few photos.

A little kiss before they left the church

Galgorm has been photographed so much its hard to get something new. But with the blue shoes.




Even when having a rest there is time for a smile. Sort of.


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