Jenni & Daniel – A Northern Ireland coastal wedding.

Blog , September 28, 2012

It must have been the hottest day of the year. Certainly I cant remember the sun being brighter or warmer all summer! And so the McClellands and Lennox’s got together on the Northern Ireland Coast for the wedding of Jenni and Daniel.

I have known Jenni a long time. She always has a smile. Well almost always.  And her dad Gilbert for this wedding was part of the official photography team. He had sussed out the location for the afternoon shoot. Daniel I know a little. He is one of those guys who even after a short period of time, you feel like you have known a long time. He is great usually at a comeback. And he hardly kept his face straight all day.

We started the day in Daniels parents house in Coleraine. No one seemed in any hurry to be getting ready. I like relaxed people. Knowing his character a little I had a shot or two in mind for him.

As you can tell this is his sort of thing.

Despite the relaxed atmosphere everyone was ready on time and we headed to Portstewart Baptist Church.

As everyone gathered with their sunglasses on and jackets off we all waited for the bride. Her father Gilbert was taking all the photos of her getting ready at home.

They arrived and not too far behind schedule.


I liked the approach of the bride and her father. It was a little more relaxed than most brides walking up the aisle and suited the feel of the whole day.

A brides smile is a great sight to see. And her father introduced them and then was able to conduct the service, he being the one who married them.

After a short service it was off the beach and I cant help but feeling they were more prepared for the beach than most bride and grooms. Except they were hungry. And whatever Daniel ate was not suitable to his tastes.

Cue the phone call – ‘Here Darren, you couldnt stop at the Spar or something and get me – oh yeah and Jenni a sandwich and a drink’ After my laughter had died down I heard him say ‘He’s laughing  – Jenni why is he laughing’

So after their sandwich and drink we headed to the beach where Mr Lennox took charge. He almost lives on this coastline and had been there to scout where to shoot.

A bright day on a beach makes for easier photos especially on this coastline. You cannot tire of the whole Northern Coastline of Northern Ireland. From Magilligan right through and beyond Ballycastle is an easy place to be. Especially on a warm day. The following are a selection from the beach.

We made it to the Royal Court Hotel for the reception. There were talked about what was small and what was far away.

While the groom practised his moves for the dance floor later.

The sun was going down at they took to the floor for their first dance.

And just outside the room was the beautiful coast for this beautiful Northern Ireland coast wedding.


Please take a look at the gallery of their wedding under Portfolio/Weddings/Jenni and Daniel where there are alot more photos and all of which can be viewed larger.



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