Jun Tzu – poet and rapper from Newtownabbey

Blog , May 4, 2014

I have skipped a few older bits of work to bring you this latest blog. Its a little different and I was very excited to be a part of it.

I have only heard of Jun Tzu recently. I had called to a friends house and he let me hear some of the youtube videos of his songs.

It was very strange hearing rap with a Northern Ireland accent. Unique. It stood out.

Then my friend told me about the songs and what Jun Tzu wrote about.  It was a hard look at his past, living and coming from here, just on the outskirts of Belfast.

So my friend DG Magee (blog about the trip here) is involved in some really great initiatives in Northern Ireland and this was one of his latest ideas. We have known each other for over 20 years and this is the first time our paths have crossed professionally.

He had set up a couple of different workshops in different areas of the city and slightly further afield.

Jun Tzu gall (74 of 84) Jun Tzu gall (45 of 84) Jun Tzu gall (56 of 84)


The workshops were wide and varied and I guess Jun Tzu and the people in the workshops knew quite what to expect.

From East Belfast and the Lower Newtownards Road  with a local High School to Holy Cross Boys school in the Ardoyne and then to a youth centre in Kilcooley Estate in Bangor.

The first workshop in the Skainos Centre involved a group of prefect from Dundonald High School

Jun Tzu gall (27 of 84) Jun Tzu gall (14 of 84) Jun Tzu gall (25 of 84)

In the middle of these two days we were able to do a couple of photo shoots with Jun Tzu.

Below Jun Tzu is in action in Kilcooley

Jun Tzu gall (67 of 84) Jun Tzu gall (69 of 84) Jun Tzu gall (61 of 84)


The end of the second day was getting a bit late for me and unfortunately I missed his gig in the Menagerie off University Street. Some of the photos etc can be viewed on the link above to Dave’s blog. is the gallery of some of the shots from the 2 days.



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