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Blog , June 9, 2014

Corry Graham Cheevers (57 of 60)                Corry Graham Cheevers (1 of 60)                     Richard Crowe 1mb (13 of 18)

Not so long ago bosses lined the staff of their office up for the ‘photoshoot’ for the website. Some other member of staff then blinded you from two feet away with a pretty basic digital point and shoot camera and flash. Even the most tanned of staff looked ghostly white. There was no editing and the shadow behind you looked like the beginning of Armchair Theatre (now showing my age).

With sites like LinkedIn, business pages on Facebook and most companies websites wanting to appeal to their customers – not turn them off professional photographs will set you apart from the rest of your competitors.

I believe that LinkedIn headshots and better Business Portfolios are the way forward. Too often people are settling for a ‘selfie’ when they need to portray a more professional image.

I have been working on this for sometime.

LinkedIn and Business Portfolios – Darren Anderson Photography

The LinkedIn head shots provide a way of standing out from the crowd.

£50.00 + travel (Newtownabbey and Carrickfergus are included) for a 20 minute natural light session, with you receiving at least 5 high quality headshots.

Business Portraits and Portfolios

£200.00 – Staff head shots and some general business establishing shots including up to 5 members of staff. Further staff head shots charged at £35.00 per person.


To improve your business image contact me

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