Wedding Photography styles and all those words you want to know about.

Blog , January 25, 2017

Wedding Photography buzz words and explanations.

Photographers come in two forms. The first are those who blog and use social media regularly, like excessively. I mean I couldn’t take that many photos of my own life never mind my business. Then there is me and probably several other photographer people I know, whose discipline in this field is somewhat sporadic. You’ll get bursts. This is about all those wedding photography styles and how most of the words

I have a friend who continually keeps me on my toes. ‘Haven’t seen a blog in a few weeks!’. That little friendly reminder that while the only thing I want to do is take photos all day, every day, my photography business relies on me being so much more.

The actual photography takes up a lot less time than you might imagine. With the responsibility all my own, I need to have skills in marketing, writing, presentation, communication, social media, advertising and finance. There are costs associated with all of them. Th.ere are also trends and fixations that usually mean little

One of the latest trends are the photography buzzwords. Ideas and concepts that some wedding blogger makes up just to keep up with their social media quota. I crave for the days when someone held to account a piece of writing. They belonged to a reputable newspaper or magazine and there was an editor hanging over. The best journalism still does. I have got to the end of so many blog stories and thought ‘Does this person actually know anything about what they are talking?’ and ‘What have I actually learned from that?’ The answer to both is usually nothing.

So as a bride and groom don’t be taken in by wedding bloggers who like pretty things but know little about the function of each person on a wedding day. Photographers will know what they are doing. Find a reputable one. See their work. Not 5 or 6 photos they took as a guest at a wedding. A whole days wedding either in their blog or in a sample album.

Don’t hang on buzzwords. The words traditional, documentary, contemporary, reportage, styled, lifestyle, journalistic, fine art, alternative, relaxed, story telling and natural make for a lot of ideas.

So narrow your ideas down. Take a look at some of my interpretations.

Posed – Couples sometimes confuse posed with traditional. Most photographers will only pose you for group photos or portrait photos. They will use more modern ideas  and techniques to pose you resulting in more interesting personable photos. DONT BE AFRAID OF THE WORD POSED!

Traditional – Your photographer would have to be pretty much out of touch with anything new not to have moved with the times. Continually stopping the couple for flash filled ‘moments’. Poses would not be very intimate. Generally not very creative and in this digital age the photos would almost look unedited.

Documentary / Reportage – Another awful buzz word reportage is almost non existent – I still managed to find a few mentions. Almost all photographers use a documentary style for most of a wedding day.  It means they will not interfere in a large amount of whats going on.

Alternative – usually means the photographer will have a heavy influence in the portrait session and will want to spend a lot of time with the couple on their own. While most photographers are moving this way for the portraits, some couples may feel uncomfortable. Others my be glad of time away from the crowds! It may also mean getting to places where the dress and shows might get dirty. Its a little more adventurous. A little more intimate.

Fine Art – This is one I particularly struggle with. For me Fine Art applies to painting, sculptures and architecture. While photography is an art form, the photographers would have to be notably exceptional in their ideas or in their results quite like art considered to be Fine Art. Some photographers apply intense forms of editing for visually stunning effects but there are very few of those in the UK never mind Northern Ireland.  High end commercially photography would be more like Fine Art than almost all wedding photography.

Contemporary – follows the latest ideas in wedding photography. A more modern feel.

Weddings are about people and moments. Themes only work if they suit your personality. Weddings are about the bride and groom spending a little time on their own resulting in amazingly intimate wedding portraits. They are about discreet (and occasionally) not too discreet documentary photography. They are about the photographer taking charge and making the day run as smoothly as possible. Listen to them when they hand out that free advise.


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